Big fuss about SA’s soon-to-come porn channel

I’m sure everybody in Southern Africa has heard about TopTV’s planned addition. The decision to add porn to their offered channels came after they failed to buy sports programmes.

This now has sparked a wonderful debate about the sense in offering a porn channel – especially in South Africa. Arguments used are the big number of AIDS/HIV infections, the social decay and so on. I personally don’t care if there’s a porn channel or not. But I always love a good discussion, so here’s what I think about the whole thing.

The most named argument against a porn channel is moral and social decay. This is, no offense, most often brought forward by religious people. Nothing wrong with that, is there? Although I don’t see how a porn channel, which falls under laws and regulations, will contribute so much to named decay. Let’s face it, in general, people who watch porn are mostly lonely or do it with their partners to spice up their sex life, both of which are a private thing.It’s got nothing to do with the broad public. In any case, they won’t go out and have unprotected sex with strangers just because they watch porn. That even sounds riddiculous! You see, unprotected sex is what contributes to AIDS, not porn.

Porn as such has been around for so long, there’s no way it’ll ever be close to controlled or even eradicated. It’s like alcohol – everybody knows about it, it’s all around, but it is still your own personal choice to go for it. If TopTV wants to offer a porn channel, that’s none of our business. Nobody will force anybody to watch it, it’ll be age restricted and pin-controlled – which means it’s much easier to keep under control than internet porn.

So, nobody HAS to watch it, and it’s certainly not forced down our throats. However, what about children? They have parents, don’t they? And it’s their job to educate them on alcohol, manners, sex and so on. It’s definitely nothing to do with us.

A concern for the world is to be praised, of course. But those worries shouldn’t be wasted on something that is a personal choice. They should be used to educate people so they can make informed personal choices! Everybody wants the world to be a better place, but I honestly don’t think bitching on facebook about a porn channel will help at all. Now I feel like I haven’t said anything useful at all, yet not even near enough to make clear what I think. So I’ll try cut it short:

I love a good debate, but what’s going on about things like this isn’t a debate, it really is bitching. I think what I’m trying to say is that I don’t care about whether there’s porn on TV or not. What bothers me is how people react to it. Posting short and ugly comments on social networks won’t help. Now, everybody has their own opinion – if you’re against porn, get like-minded people together (I’m sure via internet you’ll find a few) and start a boycott against TopTV.(Don’t be surprised though, if many aren’t willing to go that far. Because sadly, most of us can bitch and moan but never actually do something against it). If you like porn, well, go ahead and watch.

But either way, if you want to change the world, you’ve got to DO something, not just sit and moan. (Easier said than done, I know. But it’s true)

Oh, and a thought to end off: Why is it that any debate, if it goes on long enough, will end up arguing about religion? It fascinates me….