So Namibia, it seems, is (at the moment at least) the land with the least problems. Sure, we had a kidnapping, several scams and no improvement in the AIDS situation. But we’re still alive, and we haven’t been struck by an ice age yet.

I moved here in 2007 with my family, and since then I really learned to love this country. It’s just so relaxed…I’m sure all locals and tourists will relate to the sometimes annoying but mostly  amusing almost-laziness of the officials in this country. A sign from a local café sums it up very nicely: “Don’t hurry us, we’re local”.

Under all the apparent buzz, there’s a quiet flow of that philosophy: In Namibia, we still have time. And because at the moment I have exceptionally much of that, I decided to blog a bit about what I think about various subjects. That could be anything from the latest news to what I think of local cuisine.

So stay tuned :) there’ll be more soon

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